Duration: 7 hours (minimum 4 people)

This route is an ideal choice to admire the scenery of the area and get to some unusual places to which otherwise is very difficult to access. Incredible views over the Strait, a deep green pine forest of awe and immensity of the dunes and the ocean makes this trip an unforgettable experience.

It comes from the Cortijo early, at 10:00. in the morning and along the various roads and trails in the area, one reaches the foot of the Sierra de la Plata. Here begins the renowned and famous urbanization Atlanterra, also called "The Germans". A unique enclave known faces many choose to spend the summer, even to have their second homes. Chalets and luxury homes have become an architectural landmark, with copies of the famous "Fallingwater."

After crossing the urbanization will reach the beach of "Water In The Middle", a wonderful beach of golden sand and crystalline waters of incredible beauty. Travel is a pleasure that few can boast.

Ruta a Bolonia - El Jibbah Ruta a Bolonia - El Jibbah Ruta a Bolonia - El Jibbah

At the end of the beach begins the climb up the lighthouse Camarinal, where you can enjoy the best views over the Strait, the legendary lighthouse of Trafalgar, Caños de Meca, Vejer, Barbate, Tarifa, and even on clear days, until the African continent.

The tour continues through El Estrecho Natural Park, along trails and roads. They can find pigs, goats, sheep and small farms.

The Strait area has a unique cultural value as a historical stage of relations between the European and the African continent and for being a key location in the cultural transitions between the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. There are a number of archaeological and artistic heritage and ethnographic features a wide variety of styles that have come to constitute the hallmarks of Andalusia.

Within the Nature Park has so far recorded the presence of some 30 caves with rock art manifestations and that in most cases are identified by schematic paintings.

Baelo Claudia

Upon reaching the inlet of Bolonia, the Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia, impress us. A building with thousands of years, the beach and with a story. The Joint Archaeological Baelo Claudia, declared National Historical Monument, is at the heart of historic and artistic heritage of the Park. This ancient city-Roman factory is extraordinary for several reasons: its ideal location, its condition, size, the potential for knowledge-research of urban structures and old products and tourism potential.

Upon arrival to the beautiful pine forest of Bologna, made a rest stop. At this point in the tour you can choose between a swim in the azure waters of Bologna, visit the ruins or just enjoy the scenery in the shade of the pines.

The tour includes a small picnic to be taken during this break to recharge their batteries and start the return was Zahara.